Friday, July 24, 2009


Tomorrow I am 9 weeks pregnant and I am getting bigger! My waist was 30" pre-baby, and it is now 2.5" larger. Today was the first day that my pants were too uncomfortable to button. I've been wearing a lot of dresses, but I might have to figure out an interim-maternity solution for work clothes soon. I can either buy a few more loose dresses, buy larger clothing, or buy a belly band to wear my pants unbuttoned. Oh, the choices!

I'm looking forward to actually showing, rather than just getting fat. But I suppose I have a few more weeks left where it will get worse before it gets "better".

The good news is that the baby is also growing too. We had our first ultrasound on 7/9 and got to see the heartbeat. I was too worried to really look at it myself, but J and the doctor looked intently so I trust them that it was there. Although the official printer wasn't working, J was able to take a first picture of our baby with his blackberry.

J is already very attached to this little one. I'm still trying not to be too attached but just enjoy that I am able to stay pregnant for this long. I will let myself get attached and get (even) more excited when we get to our next ultrasound at 10w2d.

The baby seems to want me to know that it is there, though. I've had a few bad days of nausea and even threw up 3 times in the last 8 days. While feeling sick isn't wonderful (obviously) it does help me feel more confident that we're both still okay so far. Otherwise, I feel like I use up all my energy just trying to eat, sleep, and work. I can't wait until I have more energy to actually do things that I'd like to do before the baby - like sewing classes, working through my knitting to-do list, and reading more books.



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