Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Best Christmas Present

December 14 - It was our 7th month of trying and I was getting very frustrated with the process. I am too impatient for all the waiting involved - 2 weeks to ovulate, 2 weeks to test - every single cycle.

So this morning, when I took my temperature it confirmed that I had a triphasic chart and I decided to take a pregnancy test. I waited about 10 minutes and checked the test - definitely 2 lines! The second line was light, but clearly visible. My due date is 8/26/09!!!

Now that it is "real", I'm starting to worry that I'm not ready for all the things I need to do to prepare but I'm mostly just escatic! And worrying is healthy, right?! I thought about saving the news to surprise J with closer to Christmas, but since he had given me my Christmas present yesterday I figured I could give him my surprise early too.

For his gift, I bought a newborn onesie and wrapped the positive pregancy test in it. Then I added a 2008 Christmas ornament of a Snowman couple that has an arrow on the belly saying "Baby". Over all of that I put the movie Wall-E, just so that he wouldn't catch on right away...

I let him open his gift this afternoon and he was really confused at first. So I pulled out the pregnancy test and said "it's positive!" J was really excited and despite his previous statements about "pee sticks" being disgusting, he said he wanted to keep it. Too funny.

I love how excited and involved J is of the pregnancy process so far! He asked lots of questions about how big the baby is right now and then went to go look up to review the development stages of the embryo (answer: our blastocyst is not quite the size of a poppy seed).

Now I need to decide when to tell everyone. I'm at least waiting until Christmas to tell anyone, even immediate family. It would make Christmas presents so easy to tell the future grandparents then. Unfortunately, I don't like the idea of telling family when we are only 5 weeks along. We'll see how I feel in another week, though!



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