Friday, December 01, 2006

Wedding Progress

Finally! While we were in Seattle for Thanksgiving we managed to make some serious progress on wedding planning. Most of it was achieved by breaking down J's resistance to my ideas by sheer hours of wedding planning activities. I don't think my fiance has ever appreciated the number of hours I spend on wedding research, and he got a small taste of it over Thanksgiving.

My mom and dad picked us up from the airport on Wednesday at 11:00am. From there we drove to Seattle for our first appointment with a reception location at noon. Following the Fairview Club, we proceeded to visit another FOUR reception locations. Thursday we took a short break to overeat and visit with extended family. Friday we were back on the reception location trail, visiting approximately 9 additonal locations from Woodinville to Snoqualmie to Seattle to Bothell. Fiance was definitely beat down by this. On Saturday I suggested that Dad and Fiance go to look at a few more sites on their own while the girls went dress shopping. This mere suggestion finally resolved the deadlock on a decision we had been arguing for what-feels-like-months.

Saturday resulted in 3 finalists for dresses that were, shockingly, all WAY under my budget. On Monday I grabbed a bridesmaid and my dad for the final decision. I bought a dress that I adore for 50% off (you'll have to wait for pictures until the wedding)! Because the dress is off-the-rack, the first set of alterations is in progress as we speak and I have a second fitting scheduled for January.

Following this rush of progress, we headed out to visit a florist recommended by an event planner friend of my parent's. I got along with her really well, and I think she'll help execute my floral vision perfectly. So we tentatively have a florist!

In other news, my mother made us my favorite cake of all time to decide if J and I want the recipe for our wedding cake. We all agree that it is a go, so now we just need to find a baker willing to work with my mom's recipe.

In a single week we went from behind schedule to ahead of schedule. What a good feeling!


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