Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wedding Industry Blues

Although, "The Knot" and other related wedding sites are actually very helpful with wedding ideas and planning, they also cause more stress than I believe is necessary.

I was just sent an email warning me that at the 10-month mark I need to book my officiant, hire a band/dj, and buy a wedding gown. WOAH. I haven't even made it through the very basic steps like setting a date or picking a location. I think I'm going to feel 10 steps behind through this whole year.

J still thinks we should choose a date in the summer of 2008 so that we have 22 months to plan. While initially this argument could seem logical, I believe in reality it would cause 22 months of worrying about tiny details instead of a mere 10 months. I am not known for my decisiveness, so given 22 months I believe I would plan one wedding -- then scrap it and start over.

I also like the idea that we will have more limited choices with only 10 months to go. For the last 5 years I have been a vegetarian (who eats fish). This means that when I go out to restaurants I generally have 1-2 seafood options and 1-2 vegetarian options. If I ever were to consider eating meat, I think the biggest disincentive would be that I would have to choose from the entire menu (how do omnivores do it?!)... If I have difficulty selecting between 2-4 choices, imagine how hard it would be if EVERY location was available at ANY date we wanted??

While planning a wedding from the other side of the country may justify a longer planning period--I have to recall that I selected a college based solely on brochures and websites. If I could choose where I would spend the next 4 years and spend a whole lot of money, I have to believe that we can select a location to spend one day with less stress than I am feeling right now. Or maybe, it is really the reverse--spending a lot of money on a single day puts a lot of pressure on getting it right.

Okay but enough whining, for now. Here is a picture of my ring (on top of a road map of Tuscany).


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