Sunday, August 13, 2006

Blogs I Read

The blogs I read fit into one or more of 3 categories: (1) blogs of people I know, (2) blogs of people who knit, and (3) blogs of asian-white couples with children. Of the blogs I read, only 2 (one being John's) do not have children.

At the pool party yesterday I was chatting about my knitting projects and explained that I have several baby projects because it seems that the majority of our friends are pregnant or recently had their first child. The woman I was talking to asked if I felt that I didn't have anything to talk about with them since I do not have children. I find that, in reality, the reverse is true. I get along well with married couples and couples with children, the people I have more difficulty relating to are people in their 20s (or 30s) who go out to bars and clubs multiple times per week.


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