Sunday, July 30, 2006


Welcome to my blog about my knitting, travels, and whatever else comes up in between. I was inspired to start blogging by Country Asian who originally tried to get me to take over his site. Although I have spent a few years in Japan and have many friends who refer to me as "half Asian," I am undeniably caucasian so I decided to create my own site.

Instead of introducing myself, I'm just going to jump right in to talking about some of the things in my life. I'll try to add in explanations as we go along.


I guess as a start I should at least tell you who "we" are. We are myself and the author of the Country Asian blog. We met at a party when I was in college and J. was in law school. We've dated for 2 1/2 years and lived together for almost 2 of those years.

...just had our new couch delivered last weekend. This means that we currently have 2 pieces of "grown up" furniture (the first being my dining room table purchased about 2 months ago). Everything else in our apartment feels like dorm furniture--probably because it was with us in our college dorm. It doesn't help that despite the fact that we have lived here for more than a year we have yet to put up a single thing on our walls. I'm still getting used to the couch--it is by far the largest piece of furniture in our place and it really stands out. I think I'll like the look/color of it better when we have something else in our living room (an entertainment center, bookshelves, or anything). For those of you just dying to see my new couch (hi mom) here it is:

This weekend we went to Annapolis to go sailing and then to one of the partner's houses for a catered picnic. The weather was beautiful, Annapolis was beautiful, the house was beautiful--overall it was a great day. I really enjoy J's firm events because I know more of the people and their families at his work than I do at mine. Here's us on the boat!

After eating literally ALL DAY, we took some friends out to an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse. Their salad bar is very good, but still I get tired of the place after about 15 minutes--okay maybe it was because I was full when we walked in the door... As usual, I was the only non-lawyer at the table and it made me glad I haven't gone to law school. I'm interested in law, but I can't imagine us talking about law-related things more than we already do. So, that isn't the greatest reason to not go to law school, but it reinforces my more recent belief that American law school would not further my career.
Before this post gets any longer...signing off. Next post: pictures of each of my projects on-the-needles!


Blogger Beloved said...

I'm here via your comment on weigooksaram's site. I just had to comment on your being half-Asian. I too am undeniably Caucasian but I like to say I must have been Asian in a previous life. I lived so comfortably (culture-wise) in Korea for 6 years and really have very few cultural difficulties with my Korean husband. I love Asian culture and values (for the most part!)
BTW, your knitting is gorgeous. I dabble in it sometimes in the fall and winter but never get very far. :oP

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